Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 1: Call of the Wild, Camper & Bear Necessities Adventues for combined Cub Scout Dens

Please Note: This activity is for small combined dens to complete Call of the Wild (Wolf), Bear Necessities (Bear) and Camper Adventures (Arrow of Light) in approximately one months time.  I suggest that LDS packs plan this activity the same month as the Father & Son camp out or cub scout day camp.

1. Gathering Activity (15 minutes) - Frisbee & Cones - Set up small cones (like these) in a line spread apart over the area being used.  If the scout throws past the first cone they get 1 point, past the second is 2 points...ect.  If they hit the frisbee with a cone it's 5 points.  I went around to each boy and asked them their favorite camping activity and wrote it on strips of paper which I prepared for a later activity.  I also signed in each scout on this form.

2. Opening which includes Prayer, Pledge, Scout Oat and Scout Law

3. Talk Time:  Introduce this month's adventures.  We will learn how to identify animals, knot tying, camping skills, geocaching and about the weather...  Make sure to talk up the father son camp out with the boys  (Also inform parents that this will help their child meet requirements for their adventure belt loop)
4. Animal Identification Part 1.  I created a simple PowerPoint picture presentation identifying animals, snakes, birds and insects from our area of Texas that you can find here.  I downloaded a recording app on my phone called Smart Voice Recorder and recorded sounds clips of each bird or animal which I found on You Tube or the internet. The boys really liked hearing the sounds and recognized many of them,

Part 2 The second part of this activity was a game identifying animal tracks by giving each boy a copy of this guide. Tape larger images of the tracks on the wall with a number by it.   Then make a small sheet for each boy listing an animal and a blank line to fill in the number of the track they think correlates.  I did it this so that we weren't wasting time by having the boys write the names of the animals.We did 10 tracks but that may have been too many.  Make sure the tracks don't look too similar because it's harder for the youngest boys. This activity could go faster if you just show them a track and have the boys call out their guess till they get it right.

5. Outdoor Code:  Have a poster prepared and recite the Outdoor Code. A detailed description can be found here.  (Call of the Wild #7a)

The Outdoor Code:

As an American, I will do my best to

Be clean in my outdoor manners

Be careful with fire

Be considerate in the outdoors

Be conservation-minded

6. Next, Have a poster prepared and recite the Leave no Trace Principles for Kids (Found in Wolf Handbook).  Talk briefly how these principles support the outdoor code (Call of the Wild #7b)

7. Show boys the 6 essential items for camp outs:  first aid kit, water bottle, flashlight, trail food, sunscreen, whistle. Have Bears write items in their Handbook   (Bear Necessities #3)  What other items the group should take along on the camp out? Have Bears write in Handbook (Bear Necessities #4)

6.Optional if time permits - Camping charades Game - use strips of paper with camping activities gathered during the Gathering Activity.  We only had time for each boy to go once. (Wolf: Howling at the Moon #1 partial )

Closing Prayer & homework assignments

  • Wolf Homework:  Call of the Wild Requirement 3 in the Wolf Handbook and write the name of each animal and how they identify it.  Do at home or at Father son camp out.
  • Bear Homework:  complete their camping list for Bear Necessities #3-4 if not finished. Plan a cooked lunch or dinner, make a shopping list and help shop for food.  Help cook the meal at the Father son campout or other outdoor event/home if not going on camp out. (Bear Necessities #5)
  • Webelos/Arrow of Light - Handout copy of outdoor code and Leave no Trace Behind Principles for Kids - Have them practice and recite from memory to the best of their ability to Akela (parent) or den leader (Call of the Wild #7b)
Text or email parents with assignments.

Record Completion of Requirements

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