Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 2: Call of the Wild, Camper & Bear Necessities Adventues for combined Cub Scout Dens

Please Note: This activity is for small combined dens to complete Call of the Wild (Wolf), Bear Necessities (Bear) and Camper Adventures (Arrow of Light) in approximately one months time.  I suggest that LDS packs plan this activity the same month as the Father & Son camp out or cub scout day camp.

1. Gathering Activity: Discuss what makes a good tent site and set up a small tent with leader.  Take down and have boys set up themselves.  (If using a larger tent or if it's going slow have boys set up themselves the first time with verbal instructions from leader if needed because of time restraints.  Make sure 9 and 10 year-olds participate if they are unable to go on camp out). (Arrow of Light, Camper #2) (Bear, Bear Necessities #7)

2. Opening: Prayer, Pledge, Scout Oath & Scout Law

3.  Talk Time/Announcements

4.  Let's pretend you are on a camp out and there is bad weather.  It's so bad you may have to evacuate.  Discuss this PowerPoint Presentation or use Webelos Handbook pg. 157 to lead discussion.  (Arrow of Light, Camper 3a,b,c) (Wolf, Call of the Wild 4, 5b)

5. Teach knots

  • Overhand knot - used for the start of tying a shoe, the keep the end of a rope from unraveling, to keep a rope from going all the way thru a hole or pulley (Wolf, Call of the Wild #2)
  • Square knot - used to tie two ropes together, to tie packages, the end of bandages or to rig sails (Wolf, Call of the Wild #2)
  • Two half hitches -  used to tie items to a post or tree trunk (Bear, Bear Necessities #8)
  • Bowline knot - It's useful because it makes a fixed loop in a rope that won't slip (Arrow of Light, Camper #5 part - complete by teaching to a younger scout)
Record Requirements & pass out homework:
  • Any boy who missed will need to learn knots at home
  • Webelos - Practice Bowline knot (Camper #5) and teach to another scout
  • Bear - Learn Two half hitches knot and teach to another scout (Bear Necessities #8) 
  • Remind boys about the camp out and that they should help pick a campsite and help set up the tent

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