Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eternal Encouragement - A Review

The day I  got my Eternal Encouragement Magazine, I was feeling just like this -

I was worn out. I wanted to go straight to bed and pretend that the house wasn't a big mess.  So I hid in my bedroom and opened my magazine because I definitely needed some encouragement.  Imagine my complete amazement as I read the major theme thru this month's edition: Chaos!  That's exactly what my life feels like right about now.

I flip thru the magazine and try to find the page with the cure for Chaos and I find an article called "Chaos, CFA, CDSAI (Can't Have Anyone Over, Can't Find Anything, Can Do Something About It)." 

Yes! I want to shout out to author Lorrie Flem, my dishes are still littering the counter and yes! my kids are running around like chickens with their head cut off and I'm hiding in my room so I don't have to face it!  I'm overwhelmed and exhausted!

In comes Eternal Encouragement Magazine with just enough encouragement to help me out of my rut.  Author Lorrie Flem, says when she's having one of those days, she'll pull out sticky notes and a marker and write one small job at a time on sticky notes.  She says, "Now, instead of chaos, we have a bunch of manageable things, each on it's own note." 

Well, I think to myself, I can do this.  It's late and we can't clean up the whole house but we can get the most important things done so that we don't have to wake up to yesterdays mess.  I run and find my sticky notes.  I look around and pick out the things I really want done and break them down into bite size chunks.  I put the 3-5 minute jobs posted on one side of the fridge and the 1 minute jobs on the other side.  I gather my children, explain the situation and ask them to come and pick a certain amount of jobs from each side of the fridge and off we go.

It worked!  In no time at all we were able to conquer the mess and I was able to go to sleep without dread of the morning monster mess!!!

I love Eternal Encouragement Magazine.  Subsciptions are available in printed and digital format and any subsciption receives the New EE Etc. Web Magazine that is published 8 times a year.  This has full magazine articles that are only available to Eternal Encouragement Subscribers.  Go here to get your own copy.

The name of the magazine says it all: Eternal Encouragement.  Not only did I get the encouragement in the area I was most discouraged in this month, but I was encouraged to be a better wife to my husband, even when it's hard.  I was encouraged to train my children in obedience and I was challenged to invite others into my home in a spirit of fellowship, even if I am a less than perfect homemaker.   

As a member of the Gabby Mom's program, I was given a copy of this month's magazine in return for my honest review.