Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cooking Extravaganza!!! Amazing Product

Wow! Wow! WOW!  This about sums up my review for Cooking Extravaganza, a new product bundle offered from Eternal Encouragement.

I have waited till about the last minute to post my review because I wanted to try as much as possible in the month I've had this product.  This ranks up there with one of the best products I've ever owned.  Psalms 138:2 says that "thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be."  This is the only explanation I have for why I LOVE Cooking Extravaganza so much. I can't tell you how much satisfaction I feel as a mom to place a nice, healthy meal, prepared from scratch down in front of my family.  Almost every meal someone says, "Thanks for dinner mom." 

 If you need any help in the cooking department, Cooking Extravaganza is for you.  If you already cook alot, Cooking Extravaganza is for you as well.  If you have a family to cook for, Cooking Extravaganza is for you.

Let me just sum up some Great things I learned in Cooking Extravaganza:
* How and why I should cook in bulk and freeze meals (I can't believe I've wasted so much time in the kitchen cooking when I could have more than doubled my efforts)
* How to make pizza that looks and tastes like takeout (My family LOVED it!)
* Tips to baking with pasta (this is going to save me so much time)
* How to make the meat in my meals stretch farther and cost less (I love this tip in today's economy)
*Learned how & why pre-planning breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks saves you maximum time and money if you have children (I'm only pre-planning breakfast and dinner so far.  It's one of the BEST things I've ever done!)
* Learn how to make from scratch: onion soup mix, Alfredo sauce, "cream of" soup mixes, taco seasoning, buttermilk (Way cheaper than buying, easy to make and taste great)
* A 6 week menu plan is included if you need a starting off point
* Recipes, recipes and more recipes.  (Enough to satisfy every picky eater in your home.  I've found plenty of recipes to satisfy the taste buds for a family of 8)

What is included in the Cooking Extravaganza Bundle:
1.  "Bulk Cooking Tips & Tricks" E-Book - This E-Book explains different ideas about bulk cooking and what works for author Lorrie Flem.  You'll learn freezing tips, the many benefits of bulk cooking, sanity saving tips, what to do with a meal once you're actually ready to freeze it or unfreeze it to get it on the table for dinner (read  What's for Dinner Mom for extensive information on this topic).

2.  "Lorrie's Favorite Recipes" E-Book - This book contains her families most recent and favorite recipes.  Lorrie has 8 children and years of experience cooking for and streamlining the cooking process for her family.  I've learned so much from her! 

3.  "The Secrets of The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Made Simple" E-Book - Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies.  Learn how to take a bare bones recipe on the back of the chocolate chips bag and tweak it just enough to make them even more delicious. Learn how to solve common problems and the most incredible recipe ever is included in the book.  In fact my children are disappointed if I do"n't use this recipe!

4.  "Brianna's Pizza Primer" E-Book - I never knew the art of making a great pizza.  I thought homemade pizza looked and tasted like homemade pizza and if you wanted something that looks and tastes like takeout -- well then you have to order take out. WRONG!  My family of pizza eaters loved the pizza I made following the instructions in this book!  Love It!!!

5. "Fill 'Er Up - Ideas to Fill a Bottomless Pit" E-Book - This was another favorite book in the Cooking Extravaganza bundle. I've got 4 sons and one husband which at times qualify as that bottomless pit.  This book offered such simple suggestions to fill up those hungry tummies without them wanting to fill up on the main dish which is usually the most expensive part of the meal.  I've incorporated these tips and they WORK!

6.  "Sensational Salads" E-Book - I read this E-book but I haven't tried any of the recipes yet.  It includes some favorite alternatives to leafy salads.

7. "Healthy Sanity Savings Breakfast" E-Book - I know I've said this a dozen times already, but I love this E-Book.  I already own and use Lorries other breakfast books.  This is another gem to go along with those.  It's because of Lorrie's breakfast books that I have a hot meal ready for my family each morning.  The granola recipes in this book is superior and cheaper than buying granola bars.

8.   A signed copy of the printed book "What's for Dinner Mom?" - This book is the foundation of it all.  It's 196 comprehensive pages of how to really become the mom in the kitchen you always wanted to be.  It will teach you how to save time, save money, and feed your family well - Everyday!  Cooking for your family everyday is great to do, but systemizing that process will make a world of difference.  Don't re-invent the wheel, let Lorrie Flem help you bypass all of the mistakes and get straight to a system that works and works well.  It is also FULL of excellent recipes.  My family loves Lorrie's infamous Calzone recipe!  This books alone is worth the price of this bundle.

Here's how to order this amazing bundle for it's introductory sale price of ONLY $19.97 (I'm telling you it's worth a lot more!). Go here to order. 

Make sure and order by Dec 7th if you want it before Christmas. The 7 E-books are available to download right away, but the printed book, "What's For Dinner Mom" has to be shipped.

For a chance to win this bundle, go here before Dec 1st for a Giveaway on Lorrie's Blog.

Happy Cooking!!!

As a member of the Gabby Mom's Program, I've been given the Cooking Extravaganza products in return for my honest review.