Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Artists & Authors Review and Giveaway

Once a month I get the privilege of reviewing a product from Mrs. Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragement.  This month I was mailed the book Artist & Authors.  Before I review the book, let me just say how special I felt before I even opened the package.  It looked like a normal package till I turned it over and saw this cute sticker thanking me for my purchase and that it was "Wrapped just for you with Love & prayer!"  Wow, I really like that.  Then I open the package and the actual book is wrapped and tied up with a bow.  I'm sold and I haven't even opened the book yet.  I could feel the love that went into this product.

So what is Artists & Authors?  It's a small pocket sized book originally written for homeschooling Mom's as an easy way to incorporate daily character training into our homeschool.  There are different themes throughout the book and you can go in order or flip to whatever character trait/biblical teaching you want to focus on. 

I have 6 children ranging in ages from 17 down to 2 and I found this book to be a great tool during our daily devotional time to actually engage the younger ones.  It only added 5 minutes to our devotional time but made it much more meaningful. 

First we discussed how great God is.  He's created everything in this world which seems so big to us, yet he is so awesome that it is little to him.  Next the children illustrated how the earth is God's footstool by drawing a picture of God using the earth to rest his feet on. 

While the younger ones were drawing we then peacefully and quietly read aloud during the rest of devotional.  I can't wait to really dig into this little treasure.

Now for the giveaway!  Click on the titles to go to the direct link for the giveaways for this book and a similar book for older children who prefer writing.

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As a member of the Gabby Mom's program I've been given a free copy of this product for my honest review.