Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 3: Call of the Wild, Camper & Bear Necessities Adventues for combined Cub Scout Dens

Please Note: This activity is for small combined dens to complete Call of the Wild (Wolf), Bear Necessities (Bear) and Camper Adventures (Arrow of Light) in approximately one months time.  I suggest that LDS packs plan this activity the same month as the Father & Son camp out or cub scout day camp.

Each activity has to flow quickly into the next in order to do it all in 1 hour. We did the gathering activity on the sidewalk.  While the hot dogs were cooking I called boys over individually and showed them how to read a thermometer.  When most of the boys were done with cooking, we started building the barometers right there on the sidewalk. We had a quick safety class and our Geocache was less than a mile away at a Dairy Queen.  We were able to lead the boys quickly thru the clues to find it since we knew ahead of time where the geocache was hidden.   And finally we passed out free Blizzard coupons to the boys that we had asked  the manager for ahead of time.  We got back to our meetinghouse with only 2 minutes to spare!  

1. Gathering Activity:  Have boys wash hands using a large bowl with water and soap (Wolf, Call of the Wild #5c) Using a Bunsen burner and a  no. 10 can with a vent cut in it,  have the scout cook a hot dog on a kabob skewers. (Bear Necessities #6) Show them how to read a thermometer while they are waiting for it to cook. (Bear Essentials #7 part)

2Make a Barometer: Show the scouts this video on YouTube from if convenient (I used my cell phone) to instruct them how to make barometer.  Having the card stock paper already folded and taped ahead of time will be faster.  Scouts should place barometer indoors next to a window.  Bear scouts record temp and hi/lo from barometer everyday for a week. (Bear: part Bear Essentials #7)

3. Opening: Prayer, Pledge (make sure you have a flag outdoors) Scout Oath and Scout Law

4.  Class:  What to do if a stranger approaches. (see Wolf Handbook Call of the Wild 5a)  Have the scouts act out the situations so they will be able to remember the lessons better.

5.  Geocaching - Make sure 10 year olds are involved in the process of how geocaching works.  I used this website and app for our activity.  Make sure to have permission slips signed ahead of time. (Arrow of Light, Camper #6)

  • Bear - Record the temperature and barometer reading at the same time each day for a week.(Bear: to finish Bear Essentials #7)
  • leaders- plan an opportunity for scouts to put on a campfire skits/song and include an impressive opening, Cubmaster's minute and inspirational closing...father/son camp out, cub scout day camp, the next pack meeting (Wolf: Call of the Wild #6, Bear: Bear Necessities #2, Arrow of Light: Camper #4)
  • Record any homework assignments completed and stay in communication with parents to make sure they are accomplished
  • Once the camp out or day camp is over, Weeks 1-3 completed along with all homework assignments, then the pack is ready to award the belt loops for Wolf: Call of the Wild, Bear: Bear Necessities, and Arrow of Light: Camper 

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